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Hitoshi is good at basketball.

He dried himself with a towel.

He tried to manipulate me.

Tell him what you mean.

This isn't my bag.

She is different from how she looks.

If you must kill, kill an elephant and if you must rob, rob a treasury.


Men are cruel, but Man is kind.

The bank is open.

The sick boy is growing stronger each day.


Have you talked to Mike lately?

If my husband will find tickets for the concert, he will buy two also for you.

He bought the picture for next to nothing.

Bill posting prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted.

It's not a genuine religion. It's a cult.


I deserve better than this.

Marguerite wasn't here last week.

We adjourned the meeting until the following Friday.

Ti seems to be a bit taller than Susanne.

I do hope that it won't rain tomorrow.

She came home with a stud in her nose.

You should work more.

My brother paid double the price.

The weather getting worse, the departure was put off.

Welcome back, Ramanan.

Can we believe that?

What did you give them?

One roll of color film, please.

Andrea doesn't want to make a big deal out of it.

I guess I was lucky.

We'll meet you later.

Can I entrust the task to you?

I just want to go to school.

How long does it take to learn German?

He had never traveled outside his home city.

Can you stop them?

What does Max teach?

I'll thank her.

Dori was boring.

Watch the rear.

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Canada is on the north side of America.

He went to Italy with a view to studying literature.

The library will be closing in ten minutes.

I'm not saying that.

You should leave here at once.

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I knew that Anne was here somewhere.


She stirred the instant coffee and poured in milk.

This work took me 5 days, but it will take you as many weeks.

You must be kidding!

I only have eyes for you - honestly.

It will cost 500 dollars to fly to Paris.

He can't tell right from wrong.

I'm going to have to stay.

I voluntarily give up my salary.

Ravindran is taking care of it.

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Excuse me, please. I didn't understand that. Can you maybe translate it into one of the following languages?

"Whom the gods love die young", was said of yore.

This table is expensive.

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Are you hungry?


What if what Bertrand does isn't good enough? What'll we do then?


The teacher looked for the walking-stick.

There is no need for him to work.

I didn't think you'd remember.

I hate that so much.

Has the sun come out?

I saw an interesting poster yesterday.

My daughter went to school.


I asked him for a favor.

You may get a serious disease.

Everybody loves Mahmoud, right?


I don't believe any of this.

His behavior bothered me.

That can happen sometimes.

Just come with me, please.

She was acting as if she was in charge.


She is a hysterical woman.

Don said goodbye to me and walked out the door.

The difference in our ages is not significant.

Monday is No's thirtieth birthday.

Amy made an effort to stand up.

You may wear what clothes you please, or no clothes at all, in your own house, but if a man were to assert his right to walk down Regent street clad solely in his shirt the public would have a right to object.

Will didn't know what Kelly would like.


First, you need to apologize to me.


Thanks for watching Don today.

Don't waste your ammunition.

The Olympic Games are staged every four years.

Inshallah, soon we'll be home.

He was discharged from the army.

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There's no rhyme or reason to life and death. Many people who do all the right things die early anyway, while others live to an old age.


What I need is a shovel.

I was a good student.

It's more fun to play baseball than to watch it.

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She's beautiful, too.

This result means, contrary to prior expectations, that the number of variants does not affect the processing speed.

That can't be possible.

Ozan agreed to meet with Jesse.

What is it you're asking me to do?

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I've seen all your movies.

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He is of royal blood.

It is the general inventory of art works belonging to the City of Paris.

It's unlikely Wolfgang will be at the meeting.


Last time it was a natural childbirth.


Mahesh and I have our differences.

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I opened one eye.

Because of the rain they had to cancel the game.

You should let it go.

Everyone's eating.

I don't want to get in your way.

It's cold. I want to hibernate.

I asked Mom to get some for you.

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Don't do anything you'll regret.

Did he say something?

Where do you write?

Spy will do everything he's asked to do.

I love to see you laugh.


Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.

Why is the police here?

Rees's fears were well founded.


She seems to know the art of writing letters.


What do I owe?

Standing as it does on the hill, this hotel commands a fine view.

Recently I found new dictionaries, in other languages.

Tharen listened to me.

They're alone.

Are you offering to help?

I know her slightly.

I met him halfway and lent him $100.

If you want, you can easily make it.


When was the last time that you used this?

We found a secret door into the building.

Sergeant left on time.

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I just don't know how I can help you.

His nasty face doesn't scare me even a bit.

Jack always finds fault with others. That's why everybody avoids him.

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How long's all this been here?


Dan didn't even refund the money.


Varda said that, from childhood, he had felt like a girl who had been born in the body of a man.

We can understand everything they are saying.

He has so many friends, he wants enemies.

That is not what I meant at all.

It's happened three times now.

I'm going to give you the book.

Do we have to go now?

I like this tea.

I think we're ready.


I have to take two pills every six hours.


We need to get her out of here.

Kristi doesn't have the answer to Janice's question.

There was a knock on the door. "Who's there?" asked Stacey. "It is I," answered Marc.


Leung didn't accept the invitation.

I'll pay you back.

Adrian never went to college.

You're being very rude.

Miek asked Dieter if she liked Chinese food.

That sounds awfully convenient.

I want to live in Boston or in Chicago.


Itzhak Rabin was the Nobel Peace Prize laureate for the year 1994.

For some reason, she's really furious with me.

We're trying to locate him.

My native language is Hungarian.

I saw how Cory did it.


I have to lose some weight.